metal printing plates


TFS/ECCS is an electrolytic chrome plated steel consisting of a thin layer of metal chromium and a layer of hydrated chromium oxide deposited on the steel base which gives it a lustrous metallic finish on both surfaces.

TFS / ECCS may be Single Reduced (SR) or Double Reduced (DR) type and available, both in sheet / coil form.

TCIL is certified to produce SR TFS under BIS certification (IS 12591 / ISO 11950). TFS/ECCS (SR/DR) is available in the same range of dimensions/ temper/ mechanical properties and oil film as ETP.

Typical End Uses of TFS / ECCS

TFS / ECCS is used for Crowns and Lug Caps. It is also used for General line cans for various end uses.

Surface finishes
TFS / ECCS Finish Code Black Plate
Finish Surface roughness (Ra)
Stone ST Stone 0.35-0.60
Matt MM Matt ≥ 0.90
Chromium Coating weights

Cr in Chromium Oxide: 7 to 35 mg/sq.m/side*

Metallic Chromium: 50 to 140 mg/sq.m/side*