Global Presence

The Tinplate Company of India Limited (TCIL), an associate company of TATA STEEL, pioneered Tinplate production in India in 1920. Today, TCIL is the industry leader in India, providing metal packaging solutions for a wide variety of food and non-food applications through the manufacturing and marketing of Tinplate (ETP) and Tin Free Steel (TFS). It derives 15 - 20% of its business from global markets like West Asia, South East Asia, Europe, Africa and Neighbouring countries.

The Tinplate Company of India Limited is the largest producer of tinplate in India having more than 40% market share in domestic market. TCIL tinplate is used for packaging of a wide variety of fresh and processed foods, beverages, confectionery, fish, dairy products, as well as, for non-food applications like paints, pesticides, lubricants, battery etc. Internationally, Tin Mill products are broadly classified as General Line/Food Grade tinplate and Tin Free Steel (ECCS) and which can be further categorized based on types of Cold Reduction, Tin Coating and other processes.

At TCIL, manufacturing comprises of electrolytic tinplate (ETP) /tin free steel (TFS), produced at the ETP line using Tin Mill Black Plates (TMBP) manufactured at our own CRM complex.

TCIL's product offering can be broadly classified as: Oil Can (for Edible Oil packaging), General Line (for Paints, Pesticide & Aerosol application), Open Top Sanitary Can (for processed food) and Tin Free Steel (for crown and other packaging). Tinplate is dispatched as sheet and coil-form on trucks and trailers for sale in domestic market while the same are being stuffed in containers at Haldia and shipped via ports at Haldia/Kolkata as maritime logistics for export. TCIL has a Marketing & Sales network of 7 offices (except Jamshedpur plant) and 12 stocking points/CAs across India for servicing domestic customers ; the products are either delivered directly to customers' premises or thru' a network of stockyards serviced by consignment agents (CAs). . The international markets in different regions are managed through Tata Steel International's overseas offices and agents in specific countries.